Shift Knobs

Nothing says custom like a skull or zombie shift knob for your ride.


We have commissioned the finest sculptors from the Kustom Kulture scene as far away as Japan to right here in the USA. The sculptor is given a drawing of one of our designs and he then sculpts our image into 3D figure out of clay. All done by hand. This is the only way to get the detail we demand. A mold is made for mass production. Each and every shift knob is hand painted and sealed with a clear varnish. The shaft attachment is a universal fit, meaning it will fit most shifter shafts on the market. Like our sculptures but don’t want to use them as a shift knob, no problem. Each shift knob comes with a patent pending base. Simply attach the shift knob to the base, with the included hardware, peel the application tape off the base bottom and stick the sculpture on your dashboard, computer, garage shelf, just about anywhere you want.