Lethal Angel Feedback

Girl on Bike

A Lethal Angel is a girl who has an insatiable need for all things fast! High Octane adrenalin pumping through your veins. She is strong willed, independent, she can be classy or trashy, always up for a good time, can be tough when need be, while still having a soft side and a heart of gold. If this is you, then you are a Lethal Angel. We are always looking for customer ideas and feedback. If there is something you think we should be doing product wise or design wise we want to hear your ideas. Like our Lethal Angel Facebook page. There you will find our latest products being developed and you can give us your comments. Also if you race, stunt ride or compete we are looking for a select number of Lethal Angels that we are interested in sponsoring with our apparel. Send us your bio, website or Facebook page, if you embody the Lethal Angel brand we will contact you.

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